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Name:Tom Mason

This is a roleplay journal for Tom Mason from the TNT series Falling Skies.

Tom is a kind-hearted and brave man. Originally a family man, Tom's life was changed forever after the invasion started. Even as the war continues, Tom stays true to his principles, refusing to leave his captured son behind. Tom is an optimist who wants to see the best in people, as seen with his interactions with Daniel Weaver about letting John Pope into the 2nd Mass, while Tom suggested that Pope be allowed to join due to his experience in fighting Skitters, Weaver wanted to kill him for trying to steal from the 2nd Mass.

Tom is also an experienced leader. Even before being selected as second-in-command of the 2nd Mass, Tom has led several scout teams. His leadership abilities are complimented by his extensive knowledge of military history, comparing the invasion to several invasions in human history. This knowledge allows him to study the skitter's tactics and see what they are trying to do such as when they have a group of kids killed because one was rescued.

He also shows a remarkable level of compassion towards civilians, as he and Anne Glass believe they serve a greater role in the 2nd Mass; maintaining humanity's hope. He is also shown to have a strong relationship with Anne such as when they joke together and when she tells him the truth that she doesn't have any pictures of her family to put up. They are also shown holding hands when the children are escorted away. Their relationship turns from a strong friendship throughout the first season to a romantic one when Tom kisses Anne in the season finale just as he is about to leave to find Captain Weaver.

Tom has a very complicated relationship with Captain Weaver, one mixed with wariness and respect. They reach an understanding at the end of the season and share a friendly moment when they attack the Mothership. Weaver admitted that he needed Tom because he was the one who pulled him back when he went too far and provided a voice of reason. For this reason, after Tom left with the Skitters, Weaver didn't give anyone the role of second-in-command.

Mun and muse are over 21.

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